12 May 2008

Writing on Reading: Magic for Beginners

I recently reread Kelly Link's short story collection, Magic for Beginners. Link is one of my favorite contemporary genre short story writers, and Magic for Beginners shows why. Although these days "fresh" and "original" are so overused they've become cliched, Link shows what it means to create a voice and a style that stand out from everyone else out there. The originality of her characters and description blows me away.  Even though the theme of some of her stories seems beyond my grasp, all of her stories reward me with the unexpected, if not the understood.

Some to think of it, Kelly Link would be a very interesting person to interview for Electric Spec. Hmmm . . .  

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Hmmm, indeed! You crack me up, Dave. :)
Somehow, I predict the next issue of ElectricSpec will feature a Kelly Link interview!