18 June 2008

AFI's #1 sci-fi movie is 2001

At the beginning of the month, I blogged about 2001: A Space Odyssey. I thought I'd give you an update, namely, the American Film Institute declared this movie the best sci-fi movie of all time. Maybe you saw this on TV last night? If not, read more: here.
It's a difficult job to compare movies from different times; the historical context of a movie is important when judging it. Nonetheless, I don't agree with AFI's choice. What do you think? What's the best sci-fi movie of all time? (My fave is Star Wars: Ep IV)

Speaking of movies...our next issue of Electric Spec has another intriguing "Spec Fic in Flicks" article. This time, Marty will be discussing a recent fantasy movie. Check it out on June 30!


David E. Hughes said...

I agree that 2001 would not be my first choice, and I agree with Star Wars IV--but I always wonder about whether Star Wars is sci-fi or fantasy. It seems more like the latter.

lesleylsmith said...

Ugh. Don't get me started. What's science fiction? Something is science fiction if people think it's science fiction. :) I agree that the story of Star Wars Ep. IV is epic fantasy BUT the inclusion of robots, spaceships and other planets make it science fiction.