03 June 2008

Wow. Excellent hold stories

For those of you waiting to hear back about your story 'On Hold', we have our big Electric Spec production meeting on Friday (6/6), so hang in there! I have to say all the stories on hold are very good. Congratulations authors! We feel honored to get so many good submissions! If your story did not get held for voting, don't despair: competition was very fierce.

We try to be fair and quantitative with our final decisions and assign each story on hold a numerical score. This time around, we editors have quite different rankings. Dave thinks it's because all the stories are so good.

Perusing the rankings, I can see some patterns... I guess I'll just talk about my own rankings --I wouldn't want to make my fellow editors cranky! :) One thing I appreciated was beautiful writing. This is writing that flows lyrically, writing that makes you feel like you ARE in the head of the unique protagonist. Another thing I always enjoy is a unique idea. This time we had some strange and wonderful problems with human culture and extrapolations of human society. I ranked those story highly.

Our next issue is live on June 30, 2008 and whatever stories we choose, it looks excellent!

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