08 June 2008

How Far Can You Take It?

As always, the editors at Electric Spec had lots of interesting discussions as we decided on the final stories for our next issue. One topic that came up quite a bit was stories falling short of their potential. Lots of times, authors introduce a great world-building idea, some device or twist that we have not seen before. Nonetheless, the story falls a little short. Why? The author does not think through all of the implications of the idea. It is one thing to introduce a concept, it is another to explore it in some depth. For example, if a story involves time travel, it should address--or at least hint at--how that time travel is going change the word, not just one or two characters. 

Anyhow, we were able to agree on six great stories for our next issue. Thank you, authors, for making our job of deciding which stories to pick so tough!

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Do you mean stories that 'change the world'? :)
I agree it was a tough decision this time. Some of my faves didn't make it. :(
Some of my faves did make it. :)
One tip for authors that I gleaned from our discussion: a long story is a tough sell.