09 January 2009

Electric Spec Submission Status

Here's where we are in the submission process for Electric Spec. We've reviewed all submissions sent to Electric Spec before January 5. (I didn't keep an exact count this time, but it was somewhere around 300). If you submitted before then and have not received a "no thanks" or "hold for voting" e-mail, it means that our "no thanks" got lost in the transmission process. Go ahead and submit your story elsewhere.

If your story is one of the thirty stories being held for voting, the wait will be just a little longer. The editors need to review those stories and then decide on the (approximately) six stories that will be published in the next issue. You can expect to hear from us either way sometime around the first week of February.

For those of you who submitted stories after January 5, please be patient. We generally don't have time to read new submissions while we're working on the new issue. So, you probably will not hear from us until March.

Thanks again for all of your submissions. Looks like we're going to have another great issue!

1 comment:

lesleylsmith said...

Thanks for the update, Editor Dave! :) I looks like we will have a really tough time deciding amongst the excellent stories that made it to the 'finals'.