25 January 2009

Leggo my Hugo

If you attended Denvention in 2008 or you are planning to attend Anticipation (i.e. Worldcon) 2009, now is the time to get your Hugo nomination ballots in. Although Electric Spec does not meet the requirements for a "semipro zine" (we don't advertise--you'd think that would be a good thing), we do qualify for "best fanzine." I don't really consider us a "fanzine" (I consider us semipro despite what the Hugo folks say). However, if somebody wants to give us a Hugo, I will not complain.

If you read (or wrote) a story in Electric Spec that you think deserves a nod for Best Short Story, be sure and include that on your ballot. (I know I did).


lesleylsmith said...

Thanks for the info, Editor Dave. FYI--
Hugo nominations take place on Anticipation's web site which is at

lesleylsmith said...

And FYI the nominating ballots for the 2009 Hugo Awards
and John W. Campbell Award
must be received by Feburary 28, 2009 23:59 PST. To participate, you need to have attended WorldCon 2008 in Denver or purchase a WorldCon 2009 Supporting Membership by the end of January. Have fun!