10 April 2008

Seeing Another Dimension?

Once in awhile, someone comes along who cannot only see length, width, and height, but also space/time. A premise for a science fiction story? Perhaps, but it was also one of the many fascinating ideas presented by Dr. Leonard Shlain at a lecture I attended at the Conference on World Affairs. Dr. Shlain has written three books (which have now been added to my reading list), and his forth, on Leonardo DaVinci, is coming out soon. One of the questions Dr. Schlain tries to answer is what was it about DaVinci's brain that made him brilliant in both science and art? Of course, there's lots of possibilities, but one idea Dr. Shlain poses is that DaVinci was one of those rare human beings who could see what most others cannot--a fourth dimension. Wow! It is certainly an idea that got my brain churning.

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lesleylsmith said...

Wow. This does sound interesting. I would have gone if I'd known about it. I just can't keep track of all the fabulous Conference on World Affairs events! :(