05 August 2019

Aug 2019 Production Meeting

Yes! It's that time! The time when we meet to plan a new issue of Electric Spec! We overcame the (inter-)tuber traffic and got together. What happened at the production meeting? Why, I'm glad you asked...

The stories in hold-for-voting were more diverse than ever. And the editor's favorites were more diverse than ever, as well. :) This makes picking stories for the issue more difficult. In the past, there might have been fisticuffs, loud vigorous debate, possibly feats of strength, or magic spells to break the deadlock. This time, we just let each Editor edit their favorite stories. Problem solved.
It will be interesting to see what the overall feel of the issue is with such diverse stories.

We couldn't even agree on what the overall theme of the submissions had been. One editor thought it was love. I thought it was more like death and depression since many stories had protags die or fail in the end. You'll have to draw your own conclusions from stories published.

Of course, all this means authors should hear a final decision from us early this week about their stories. If you don't hear from us, your story may be lost in cyberspace. :(

Hopefully, we'll start getting some fun blogs from authors soon!

Be sure to check out the new issue on August 31, 2019!

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