13 August 2019

from Author Saxey

We're excited to showcase the science fiction tale "A Partial Record of the Early Life of Lys" by E. Saxey in our awesome August 2019 issue of Electric Spec. The author tells us the following...

This story is indebted to the 'Science for Fiction' events organised at Imperial College by David Clements. These talks from experts in different fields are a chance for SF writers to really raise their game. However, I'm so lacking in scientific basics that the talks often inspire me at a slant. They offer vivid images which become metaphors (neutrons jostling in a uranium nucleus turn into characters jammed into a untenable living situation). The timescales and sizes described by the astronomers dunk me right into the sublime. Those experiences fed into this story.

Thanks, E! Very interesting!
Readers, I'm intrigued, how about you?
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