20 August 2019

from Author Campbell

We're excited to showcase the fantasy tale "A Warrior Still" by Shelly Campbell in our awesome August 2019 issue of Electric Spec. The author tells us the following...

Like many, I dive into stories to immerse myself into worlds far from my own comfortable living room, in the shoes of someone utterly unlike myself, because—let’s face it—I keep my own shoe collection and day-to-day life fairly bland. A Warrior Still features a main character from an entirely different species. If she wore shoes at all, they’d be horseshoes. My goal was to make her relatable.

Although Morcant is a creature of war from 4th century BC Caledonia, she navigates the common experience of motherhood, the loss of a baby, and piecing together survival beyond both. She’s also a wonderfully unreliable narrator who thinks detachment and killing are her strong suits when she’s hungering for connection, and desperate for something to live for. I loved making her world as realistic and broad as possible while never moving beyond one setting and scene.

Many thanks to Electric Spec for agreeing to publish this story. I hope you enjoy a peek into a mythical alternate history where Alexander the Great still builds his empire in the East, ancient Ireland remains isolated, but inhuman creatures are woven into the fabric of it all, and they’re not so different from us.

Thanks, Shelly! Very interesting!
Readers, I'm intrigued, how about you?
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