27 August 2019

from Author Monroe

We're excited to showcase the tale "Lusca Bait" by associate editor Minta Monroe in our awesome August 2019 issue of Electric Spec. The author tells us the following...

One piece of writing advice that has always stuck in my mind is to blend at least two different ideas. Ideas are everywhere, and chances are pretty good that another writer has already written my first idea. But if I take another idea (the more different the better), and twist it into the first idea, then I’m more likely to come up with something unique.

This is what I tried to do with "Lusca Bait."

My first idea for that story was to write about a monster. Hardly an original idea! I went searching for a different type of monster. When I found out about the Caribbean's legendary "lusca," I decided that was what I wanted to write. The lusca gave me the setting, too, but I had no idea what the story would be. I put the idea on hold.

Some time later, a writer from the Oregon coast challenged me to write a story about one of the antiques collected by the somewhat eccentric innkeeper of a haunted hotel. Several tempting ghost stories came to mind, but I tossed them out when I came across a treasure chest, which I’m pretty sure could've belonged to a lusca in another ocean...

Thanks, Minta! Very interesting!
Readers, I'm intrigued, how about you?
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