01 June 2021

basking in the glow

We are still basking in the glow of the new isssue of Electric Spec.
In this issue, we're proud to share:
  • "A Touch of Cooperation" by D. A. D'Amacio--There's a great prize to be had on a hostile alien world, but no single person has the strength to claim it.
  • "The Kipnibble Singularity" by Andrea M. Pawley--When an AI society arises in the most unlikely of places, how will they treat humans... or cats, for that matter?
  • "Jeremy Sleeps" by Elizabeth Guilt--To be in love is to share our dreams... yet for one woman, the experience is anything but a honeymoon.
  • "The Law of Stonekin" by Sean Mabry--In gargoyle culture, there are a few simple rules for survival. Then there's always that one person who has to push the limits...
  • "The Annie Scam" by Luke Foster--Social media gives us a seductive illusion of connection--and for one influencer, reality crashes down in a startling way.

Woo hoo!
Check it out!

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