15 June 2021

market resources

There are many on-line resources for authors seeking markets for their fiction.
My fave is: https://ralan.com/ .
Obviously, if you are reading this, you are familiar with the best spec fic market of all: Electric Spec! :)
I heard about an article on authorspublish.com recently: 28 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Markets That Pay.

They say: Electric Spec is a speculative fiction magazine that is published four times per year and they will consider any story between 250 and 7,000 words with speculative fiction elements. They prefer science fiction, fantasy and the macabre, and pay $20 for every story they publish. Although they don’t acknowledge story receipt, they aim to respond within 135 days by email, with a “reject”, “accept”, or “hold-for-voting” message. If you haven’t received any message by that time, please resubmit. Take a look at their submission guidelines here. Read the current and previous issues here.
I didn't include their links.

I must admit I don't know much about this site, but it's nice to be mentioned. If you do know about it, feel free to comment. ;)

Electric Spec is currently accepting submissions!

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