30 June 2021

Story Feedback 2

It's only about 2 weeks until the July 15, 2021 deadline for the awesome August 2021 issue of Electric Spec. Get those stories in!
We are deep in the slush pile...
Here's some tips:
  • Your page one needs to be very good. We get hundreds of stories, so, sadly, if your story opening isn't good, we probably won't keep reading. This means:
    • formatting should be appropriate
    • minimize grammar and spelling errors
    • the content should be clear and interesting
    • I recommend having someone else read your opening. Ask him/her what the story is about, or what's intriguing. If they can't tell you--modify the opening.
  • Write about something we like (How do you know this? Read previous issues.)
    • one editor loves dragons
    • one editor enjoys unresolved/open endings
    • one editor enjoys time travel, alternate worlds, quantum ideas
    • consider steam-punk or genre mashups
  • Consider a first line hook
    • this probably isn't a long description
    • this probably isn't dialogue
    • the author telling the reader something can be effective here
Good luck!

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